Yes, your name is Inspiration! At least to us, you are our friend, called Inspiration! Why? Because our intention has always been to help people achieve their fitness goals.

We are a couple of friends who got together without the intention of being what we are today, sisters of life. At that time, I was in a deep hole and her intentions were to help me get out of it. That’s when this magic union merged into the dream that we are both leaving in, Fitwave.


Moved by our friendship and same motivation as Personal Trainer Specialists and Fitness Nutrition Coaches,

we went through multiple trial and errors to come up with the best recipe that aligns with our values. Our motto is to inspire a change in your lifestyle that can make you stronger, healthier and happier! So, we created with our hearts and passion this guilt free solution for many.

We know, we’ve heard stories of people struggling to lose weight, going from one diet to another one, not sure of what to eat, what to do, what is healthy and what is not! We know about eating disorders because it has been very close to us!

We’d love to grab a coffee or a tea and talk about you! Send us an email at Giovanna@fitwave.ca or Marines@fitwave.ca and we’ll make it happen!


Giovanna Serauto

Marines Tineo

Wuilder Torres

My name is Giovanna. Some people call me coach, others CEO. I am the founder of a dream called Fitwave.


It all started in 2011 when I began to give tips on Facebook promoting health and fitness hoping to motivate my friends to lead a healthy lifestyle. This seed began to grow, I became a Certified Personal Trainer Specialist and opened my own fitness studio, Fitwave. 


My passion started because I wanted to help everyone have a better and healthier snack. Our fit energy protein balls were the solution!

They are so delicious that you will become an addict!

Our protein energy balls provide benefits without guilt. For this reason, we want to dedicate this dream to all the people who suffer from the struggles of eating disorders.


From first-hand experience, having suffered from this struggle in the past, I firmly believe in the possibility of having a healthy relationship with food. I now have the power to say that I lost my fear of eating by separating my emotions, whether it be happy or sad, from food.


I learned that nourishing our souls before our bodies is the most important thing. Now, I love to eat, and I love my body and soul, which is why I want only the best for myself and everyone.

I am so excited to share this passion of mine with you! Around 2013, motivated by my lovely husband, I started training with my friend Giovanna only to realize that what I thought was healthy, was NOT…


I couldn’t believe it! It didn’t take me much time to feel the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and bam! The fire was ignited!

I became a Certified Personal Trainer Specialist and healthy weight loss coach

to be able to help others feel the way I do, and let me tell you, I feel GREAT!


After testing and providing benefits on ourselves and our fitness clients, we decided more people should feel as amazing as we do. 


Some of you are already addicted to our FIT PROTEIN ENERGY BALLS and the rest of you will be very soon! Come along the ride!

Wow, what can I say? I’m not like any of the two girls above. I just come along for the ride, offer my help to them and apply my business knowledge into making sure this super amazing balls idea can reach a lot of you.


I’m a sporty guy who can play anything with rules attached to it. Even though I’m not a gym guy, I use them often before a volleyball or basketball game, especially for those days that I don’t have much time to eat a proper meal.

The drive and passion began when I started seeing Fitwave’s existing clients asking for more on a weekly basis and hearing things like “OMG the balls are amazing, that’s how I was able to keep on track with your meal plan for the week”

I personally know people who struggle with diets, like most of you. So, I said to myself, “we need to make it accessible to most people”. It is low in sugar, tasty and with the micronutrients needed to keep you sharp!!! Who said healthy cannot be a synonym to tasty?

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