Inspired in our roots, coming from a tropical country where there are an unimaginable number of dishes prepared with coconuts, we are introducing our COCO NUTS protein balls to you. Nice to meet you, you’ll have a crush with me! The flaky sensation of the coconut shreds are rich and full of flavour. The dark chocolate is equally creamy and rich! And that’s not all! Peanuts will give you energy for many hours to help you go through your busy day. The almonds are considered to have the most overall nutrients per calorie. 

Coco Nuts

SKU: 0002
  • Ingredients: 100% natural unsalted peanut butter, *certified gluten-free whole grain oats, almonds, dark chocolate, *sprouted brown rice protein, coconut, *100% maple syrup, *chia seeds, Himalayan pink salt.

    * = Organic

    Allergens: contains peanuts.

    1 box COCO NUTS contains 3 protein energy balls of 20g each

    1 case of COCO NUTS contains 12 boxes of 3 protein energy balls of 20g each

  • We can ship anywhere in Canada.

    (1) Case: $15

    (2) Cases: $25

    (3) Cases or more, your shipping will be FREE!!!


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