Pecans and apples….What memories does it bring back? We hope it makes you remember of homemade apple pie from your childhood, like it does to us. Mouth-watering cinnamon taste and delightful green apple sensations, but this time with more value added! Crispy pecan inside and extra crunchy outside. Pecans are good fats which help lower your blood cholesterol levels. Peanuts and almonds will give you so much energy! What about the cinnamon? Fun fact, cinnamon was gifted to kings and there are reasons why! It has so many properties!!! It is loaded with antioxidants protecting your body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. It also has anti-inflammatory effects which may help lower your risk of disease. Best of all, it also helps you accelerate your metabolism.

Pecan Apple Crispy

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  • Ingredients:  Peanut butter • *Certified gluten-free whole grain oats • Almonds • *Sprouted brown rice protein • *Pure maple syrup • Natural dried apple • Pecans • *Chia seeds • Himalayan pink salt • *Cinnamon • Sunflower lecithin.

    * = Organic

    Allergens: contains peanuts

    1 box of PECAN APPLE CRISPY contains 3 protein energy balls of 20g each.

    1 case of PECAN APPLE CRISPY contains 12 boxes of 3 protein energy balls of 20g each.

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